I’ll give all the recipes on this blog a rating out of 10. This rating reflects the things that I consider to be important in a family-friendly meal, such as healthiness, convenience, and of course whether everyone enjoys it.

To come up with the mark out of 10, I score the recipe one point for satisfying each of the following criteria. For example, a fish and chips takeaway would score 6/10, because it’s easy and everyone likes it, but it’s not at all healthy!

Here are the criteria:

1) It takes less than 20 minutes to prepare (not including time in the oven when I can be getting on with other things);
2) It contains at least 3 of 5-a-day (when served with any suggested accompaniments)
3) It doesn’t contain excessive amounts of saturated fat, sugar or salt;
4) I don’t have to cook something separate for either of the kids;
5) It doesn’t give anyone indigestion;
6) Hubby and I both like it;
7) Dearest Son eats at least half of his portion;
8) Dearest Son doesn’t have a meltdown while eating it;
9) Darling Daughter can eat at least some of it;
10) Darling Daughter makes it through the entire mealtime without screaming.

A score of at least 8/10 means the meal was generally a success, at least in our house, and worth posting here for others to try!