Packed with protein and easy for even a toothless baby to eat, this mini omelette takes next to no time to make. I use a silicone egg poacher to make it in, but a microwave-safe plastic baby bowl would also work – you’ll just need to grease it first so that it doesn’t stick.


1 egg
Large pinch of grated cheese
Small pinch of dried or fresh herbs (optional)


1) Crack the egg into a jug and lightly beat with a fork.
2) Mix in the grated cheese and herbs.
3) Pour into a silicone egg poacher or greased plastic baby bowl.
4) Microwave on high for 20 seconds until partially cooked – the egg should be still mainly runny but starting to set in places. Mix with a fork, then microwave for a further 20-30 seconds until well set.
5) Turn omelette out onto a plate, cut into fingers and allow to cool before serving to baby.

Older kids like these omelettes too – it makes a great lunch served with toast, or a quick and easy dinner with chips and salad. You can also add extras such as cooked ham or diced tomato to the egg mixture.